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What rats hate? and what smells prevent rats from existing at your house?

Can you use what the rats hate to expel them out from your house?

Rodents go to your house when it becomes so hot outside, most of people feel uncomfortable if they find rats in their houses

A lot of people don’t like rats and they are not able to catch them because they are afraid, thus most of people prefer protecting their houses from the beginning and keep the rats away

Fortunately there are some things that rodents hate because of their smells, rats considered of being one the most popular rodents in the big cities and the country also.

Rats have a powerful smelling sense so they are attracted easily to the food existing in the houses and to get rid of these animals you can use the smells that they hat,  here Is what you need about the common smells that rats can’t stand

What rates hate?

Actually rats do their best to find food, water and home to survive, people doesn’t know that rats are like human they have their preferred meals too, there are food and smells they can’t stand

The most common type of rats is the home mouse it is small and has a sharp nose and big ears and a tail

Rats can live for three years they can multiply when they are two years, now after having a good knowledge about rats you are able to understand what they don’t like

Smells prevent rats from entering your home

Here you are a list of things rats hate

Mint :

Rats hate the smell of mint specially when the mint is fresh and spread in several places

So you can grow some mint in your garden to keep the rats away from your house

Cats’ hair :

 some people has sensitivity from the hair of the cats, it seems like rats have sensitivity too, it is a common factor between us and the rats as they don’t like the cat’s hair too in fact rats don’t like cats or their smells or their hair so if you suffer from rats you can get some help from a cat you can keep it in your house putting their hair at the places where the rats are.

Naphthalene :

Naphthalene is used to save the clothes and wool in your cupboard

We consider Naphthalene as the Rodent deterrent

Make small holes and drop the Naphthalene balls in the holes, the mice will move away from your house and never get back

 Naphthalene is a bundle of tissue soaked in chemical substances ,This chemical may cause severe effects on the health ,if a large amount of them is inhaled.

This effects can include nausea and dizziness in addition to damage to the liver and kidneys and therefore cause a huge damage to the mice specially in the nasal canal as well as inflammation of the lungs And block their sense of smell

Bay leaves or mousse plant

In a similar way to peppermint leaves, bay leaves can be used to keep mice out of the house, and bay leaves can be grown even though they are more expensive than mint and more difficult to grow at home.

red pepper:

Mice can taste the smell of red pepper, Spraying some chili peppers around or inside the house will prevent any rodents from entering.


Some believe that ammonia is one of the odors that prevent mice, because of the unpleasant odor emitted in the air.it is not adviced to use high concentrations of ammonia as it may cause bad side effects like burns, eye damage and inflammation of the bronchi which is the most serious side effect of ammonia

Aromatic oil :

Essential oils, such as peppermint, cloves, oranges, etc., are a frequent recommendation to deter mice at home.

Essential oils have shown various repellent effects on insects and rodents. For example, high concentrations have shown some side effects such as skin and throat irritation, so be careful when using peppermint oil in your home

Chamomile plant has a great ability in expelling mice because of its strong pungent smell and it can also expel mice by mixing tea with mint and put on the fire to boiling without adding sugar and sprayed in places frequented by mice immediately rats escape and do not return to it again As well as using black pepper sprinkle in places that hesitate .. As the plant Almarmia can be used as an insect repellent by burning sticks and can by cumin expel the ants and the same thing happens with cinnamon, and after grinding and sprayed as the smell of ants smell make it escape without return. For flies  The best way to flush it is mint, which flies are unable to withstand.

Black pepper:

Sprinkle the black pepper under the furniture and in the corners of the rooms and balconies and on the kitchen nets and if you have rugs wrapped and stored you can spray pepper and re-wrapped them,so mice can’t reach them because they suffocate from the pungent smell Houses.

This recipe is a benefit among the many benefits of black pepper but important and make us get rid of mice permanently without suffering the trouble and recall

The spray companies, which charge exorbitant prices to get rid of the mice once and for all, the place sprinkled with black pepper does not bring the mice closer.

 professional help:

What rats hate

Now we know what rats hate and we can use it to get rid of rodents from  the house after they are well distributed in all the rooms and around the house, but often the request for professional assistance from an insect control company is an ideal solution that helps homeowners to get rid of the immediate and security of Those sickening and dangerous beings

 Look for signs of rat activity?

Although mice can weigh up to 18 kg but you don’t always see them, most people discover mice by seeing signs of their presence.Look for litter near food sources.The mice also follow the same paths as they search for food, so they leave marks Greasy along the side of cabinets and walls.

Mice need to keep their teeth sharp, so look for chewing marks on the wood around the house, go outside and see if you can find any holes in the ground that didn’t exist before, the mice always stay near their nests, which may Be in the yard or home from the inside.

Mice are separate from food sources:

Mice can eat almost anything, and they don’t need much food.To prevent future mice problems, be careful how you store your food and waste.

Keep food in well-closed containers and clean up any spills or crumbs.

As mice need a reliable source of water, make sure there are no leaks in pipes or taps, keep your litter covers, store grass and bird seeds in well-closed containers, If you have a dog, do not leave food in the bowl too much because the mice will eat all that is in the bowl.

Use rat feeding habits against them

Rats are worried about new foods, they may bite off a small thing from something new, and then wait to see if it hurts them.If they accept new food, they will eat it all, the other mice will come to follow the first mouse, that’s why effective baits often take several days to work – if They were killed instantly – most mice would avoid them.

what is best for you?

Traps or baits can be used by themselves or together as part of a rat control system to make sure that all bases are covered, the method you choose to control the rat problem depends on your preferences.

The main difference is that the trap physically holds the mice in place, this is ideal if you want to prove that the mice have been caught or for tracking purposes.

Keep the house free of mice:

Mice come to your home in search of food, water and shelter.As long as you deprive them of food and water and make it difficult for them to enter, your home will be less attractive to them.

Mice have been a problem for people throughout history, eating or spoiling crops, and can spread diseases and damage things.

There are stories of sinking old wooden ships because rats were necrosis in their structure, Every year thousands of people in the world suffer from rat bites so be careful.

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