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The White Termite:

The White Termites are a type of insect that inhabits large colonies and each colony lives in secret and has its own function. These insects are called termites because of their white color. This type differs from most other insects, such as ants, bees and wasps, because they live in integrated colonies, and called termites because they live and hide inside the earth, and this insect connects her chest with her stomach as a single piece.

The White Termite formation:

The White Termite can be distinguished from other types of insects, by paying attention to the structure of the body, which is characterized by several things, including:

  • White Termite have a rectangular body, as it does not have any waist in the center of his body.
  • Owning termite horns straight sensor.
  • The termites have wings of equal shape and size, and their wings are longer than their bodies.

Information about the white termites:

  • fed on cellulose material, which is found in furniture, wooden houses, wood, carpets, carpets, curtains, fabrics, clothing, buildings and constructions. Therefore, this insect is considered a dangerous insect because it devours and destroys on the basis of buildings, wood, furniture and everything made of wood.
  • This kind of ants live where the life of the king and the queen lasts for ten years and the rest of the workers to several years. Is a heavy meal fed on it contains nutrients and a good store of fats and proteins and also a source of food for birds and animals.
  • Termites are very useful because they analyze wood debris.
  • It recycles nutrients and returns them to the soil and is also the main source of food for some predators.

Types of the white termite colonies :

the white termites Live in colonies and the size of each colony to thirty thousand up to two million insect in each colony, and divided this huge colony into a group of denominations each of the function and divided into sections:

  • Workers: the largest proportion of the number and harmful and feed the colonists, which is the main cause of all the damage caused by it and the ant works in certain qualities, the most important that the color is dull and blindness cannot see.
  • Soldiers: This section of ants is responsible for protecting the colony and providing security for it. This section is a simple proportion of the colony and is characterized by sharp teeth and strong jaw and darker color than the working class.
  • Individuals: characterized by high fertility This section of the sect appears in the spring and autumn and is characterized as not blind to become queens and kings to establish new colonies belonging to them.
  • Queen: Each colony has only one queen and lives with one king and its task of laying eggs and laying six eggs per minute and works to organize the members of the colony and supervise their work.

The colonies of the white termites vary in size from one colony to another, some of which contain hundreds of termites, some of which reach millions of termites, whose colors vary from red, black, brown to white.

The white termites use water and mud to build their colonies, and the height of the tumble to 3 meters.

Damage caused by the white termites:

the white termites
the white termites

Crops: so that damage to all types of crops grown in termite-endemic lands including sesame, wheat, maize and sugarcane; as well as for stored crops such as dates and rice.

Trees: where trees, fruit trees and palms are affected, damaged, dehydrated, dead or produce a crop of low value and quantity.

Houses and structures: attacking houses made of bricks, gradually emptying them from the interior, leading to the collapse of the house, and raiding the walls, fabrics, windows and doors made of wood through the walls, attacking cement installations by raiding windows and wooden doors from passing through the security barriers.

Various human properties: records, papers, books, telegraph poles, telephone, cardboard, flatbed, rail flanks.

Causes of the white termites appear at home:

There are many reasons for the emergence of termites including:

  • the openings that enable ants to enter the house; such as: openings near the outer door of the house.
  • Water leaks, especially in the kitchen near the sump or even inside the bathroom, which lead to large number of termites pools in these areas.
  • Lack of interest in cleaning the house, and not well ventilated, leading to the accumulation of termites in it.
  • Leave the door of the house or windows open for a long time, leading to ants entering the house through them.
  • Leaving the house dark for a long time, leads to a termite pool clearly.
  • The floor of the house is made of wood, leading to the assembly of ants on them or even inside them.
  • The presence of certain sugars, sweets or food residues located on or around the house, or as a result of the presence of some grains on the ground in the vicinity of the house leading to their entry into the house.

Places where the white termites gather at home:

white termites usually gather at specific places in the home. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) has conducted a recent study that showed that kitchens and bathrooms are the most vulnerable to termites.

On the food, and moisture, which is a source of attraction, and the proportion of its presence in the bathrooms according to the same study amounted to 89% because it is wet, and it is worth mentioning that some types of termites build colonies behind bathroom tiles, or under the banks.

Getting rid of the white termites at home:

There are many effective ways to help a person get rid of termite colonies inside the house, including the following:

  • Close cracks and openings:

All cracks and openings that are an entrance to the termite must be closed by using certain materials, such as clear caulk or steel wool.

  • Dispose of food residues and crumbs:

Confectionery, proteins and fats are an ant favorite food, so be careful to place food in tight places, and clean up crumbs and instant drinks immediately.

  • Place the bait for termites:

Only 10% of the ants are found outside the colony at the same time, while 90% of the colony is hidden; according to the insect scientist Chelle Hartzer. To address this problem, the bait trap should be used. To the colony and kill it, it is worth mentioning that it is possible to buy this bait or homemade.

Other methods can be used at home to get rid of the white termites:

the white termites
the white termites
  • Water and soap: the white Termites can be disposed of in a simple way; by wiping floors and surfaces in the house using soap and water, or placing water in an open receptacle, and placing it on the window next to the places where the termites are located.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar can be used to fight ants by relieving it with a little water, pour it into a spray bottle, and spray the places where the termites are.
  • Spices: Acute spices, such as hot pepper, cinnamon and cloves, can be used to expel termites by diluting them with a little water and spraying places where the termites are constantly down.

Continue the other methods can be used at home to get rid of the white termites:

  • Alcohol: Alcohol has positive results to expel termites, by using it as it is, or by diluting it with a little water, and spraying the places where it is located.
  • Pesticides: There are special pesticides to expel insects in general, and termites in particular, and brought from specialized stores, and used at home, but with caution to contact the skin directly, and in the case of ants and the inability to control using these pesticides should be used by private companies to expel termites.
  • Exposing wood to sunlight uses sunlight to get rid of the white termites, because it dies by heat and light, and lives in the dark, so that the furniture out of the termites and exposure to the sun, leaving two to three days under the sun.
  • Contact with the competent authorities: The competent authorities determine the location of the colony of the termites and eliminate them permanently. Sometimes the person is forced to bring the professionals, especially if there is a group of the white termites, which can cause great damage to the structure of the house

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