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Many people think that mice and rats are one animal and this is a misbelief .
Rats and mice share in some properties and differ in others .

First about their share ; Rats and mice share in their family which is called : ” Rodents ” .

so let us to know at first what is ” Rodents “

what is Rodents ?

Rodents, is a type of mammals, They are characterized by permanently growing segments of the upper and lower incisors that must remain short so that they can bite anything .

Rodents represent forty percent of mammalian species and they are present in large numbers on all continents except Antarctica. Common rodents include mice, rat squirrels, hedgehogs, beavers, mugs, rabies, guinea pigs, and rodents .

Rodents feed on grains or plants, despite the diversity of the diet of some of their members .

It has a large number of types estimated at 1,500 , and constitutes about one-third of the world’s mammals .

They differ in the nature of their lives, including the hopper, climber and the swimmer , they are adapted to live in different environments, in forests, rivers, lakes, desert and semi-desert areas .            

Rodents spread all over the world; except Antarctica. They multiply by birth, the young are sexually mature early, and the female gives birth to several young at one birth .

These animals live in different ecological circles, such as forests, on trees in fields, near water sources and underground in self-made burrows adapted to different environments .

And now after knowing their similarity we can differentiate between them .

what about Mice ?!

Mice are mammals from small rodent families , and the scientific name is ” Mus ” .

And the average mouse length ranges from 10 to 20 centimeters including the lenght of it’s tail , and it’s average weight ranges from 10 to 55 gram .

And it’s colors vary between brown, white and gray .

Mice can live up to two years in laboratories , But it  does not complete this period in it’s wildlife because they are predated by cats, dogs, snakes and predatory birds .

And mice can’t see the natural colors we can see in natural conditions but they can see black and white gradients .

Mice prefer to live next to humans , and there are 38 family of mice , these types vary according to their size , there is a small one which weight a few grams , and another which weight hundreds of grams .

Small mice tend to live in homes, agricultural areas or in general areas where humans live, where they are not hostile to humans .

Large-sized mice with a long tail tend to live in the sewer, and these mice has a strong bodies, and they are more aggressive to humans, and these mice weigh more than 300 grams .

Most of these families live in Asia, Europe and Africa , this is because of the fertile environment of the living of these mice from the plains, mountains and other places where they can live .

As mentioned, these mice are exposed to many risks that greatly affect their numbers and their lives, and to overcome these difficulties, both females and males reach the breeding age for the first time in 50 days .

Mice often rely on plants for their food, but with its dependence on the plant; they eat animals too, they can eat dead mice, and also eat it’s tail during starvation .

They also eat agricultural crops, so it’s a major cause of crop damage .

So now we will know what are mice different from rats ?

It is a family of different rodent’s families, and its scientific name is ” Rattus”.

It’s differ from mice in size, which is more and more in size than mice, reaching 500 grams or more, It also has a long tail; longer than mice .

There are more than fifty families of rats including brown and black rats, called old world rats or real rats .

It’s a small mammals but remain larger than mice, rats prefer to live in dark and warm places, so it lives in burrows dug near sewage and riverbeds, So it prefers to stay asleep in the daytime and active at night .

They also face the same risks as rats, so they have a great ability and speed of mating, they can give birth up to eight times a year and also give twelve rats at every time, which is equivalent to 96 rats a year, and because they can live 2 years a female rat can give birth up to a 192 rat in it’s entire life cycle .

And rats eat everything from crops, animals and others .

They also pose a great danger to human life, but in different ways they contaminate food and transmit various diseases, whether to human food or more through the biting of humans .

 Examples of these diseases are diarrhea, fever, cholera, tuberculosis and the most important of these diseases It is a plague that carries germs on its skin and feeds on the blood of these rats .

The greatest danger is it’s harm to food, a study made about it’s damage to food, and found that rats and other rodents destroy 1% or 1.3% of the food in the world.

So it’s considered one of the most important causes of damage to crops and foods in the world .

But the behavior of these aggressive rats can be changed by raising them from a young age as a pet, as happened in the late 19th  century, when some rats were raised as a pet, and they were of the type of brown rats and breeding rats that do not carry aggressive behavior against humans and the environment .

And because of the success of these Experiment These rats were used for other purposes such as laboratory experiments which helped in advancing genetics, diseases and others .

So Rats and Mice :

different between Mice and Rats

They share in the category of rodents and are harmful to humans in various ways such as transmission of diseases and damage to crops and foods and others.

But they differ in length, size, colors, living spaces and the power of hostility against man .

It is also useful in the work of laboratory experiments on them to benefit from them in medical and psychological life and study their life and behavior to help us knowing different ways to overcome it’s various damages that harm humanity .

And now ways to get rid of these rodents harmful to us :

  • Maintain our houses clean and cover sewage drains .
  • Raising pets at home, especially cats, because cats can hunt and kill mice and rats .
  • Use of mousetrap purchased from shops, and use of an electronic rat ejection device because this device produces certain vibrations and waves that have a fatal effect on mice, and this device does not affect humans at all.
  • Use chamomile and black pepper to kill mice and rats because their smell has a fatal effect on them .
  • Using cucumbers or it’s crusts to kill them; cucumbers contain toxic substances to mice, rats and insects as well .
  • Spray different parts of the house with mice and rat poison, but in places away from food and drink and out of reach of children so as not to harm them in any way
  • The use of onions also alienates mice and rodents in general because rodents hate the smell of onions, so do mint and citronella oil .

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