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What is eating that the Rats loves? What is the reason that attracts Rats to my home? How can I catch them? What is the best way to eliminate Rats ? There are lots of answers to those questions around us. Just looking at that sink, which includes dirty dishes, full garbage without being discarded, piles of paper and things you do not use at the corners of the house or storage room, can tell you why The presence of rats in the house.

Finding rodents in your home may be a nuisance, not to mention the bad shock you get when you see those rodents in your house. Rodents have a great ability to adjust significantly, which means that it is difficult to get rid of them once they enter your home.

The main problem is that Rats eat only anything that humans eat and they are happy to live with us in any environment. In this article, we will talk about the food that the Rats loves and how I can use those foods in the elimination.continued with us.

Eating that the Rats loves:

If the Rats has penetrated your surroundings, you may ask how I know the presence of Rats in my home and what their eat. I also wonder why the Rats are attracted to the house in the first place. Whether we want to admit it or not, humans continue to provide shelter, protection and food for mice. Without being aware of it.

If you have a problem finding food in the areas where you live, you will enter your home without thinking about new food sources, especially in the cold months when food is low in the open air, and you will need shelter to stay in, so you will not find better than your home To live by.

There are many signs that indicate the injury of your home Rats, the most important are:

  • See the small black manure left by the mouse near the sources of food.
  • Note the bite marks of rat-infested homes in furniture, food cans and more.
  • The presence of foul odor and exhaustion due to the presence of Rats in your home.

Why are Rats attracted to my home?


As we have just mentioned, Rats visit your home in search of food and safe shelter. They are constantly looking for anything to grind, so there are many elements that can attract rodents to your home such as grains, oats, rice and vegetables that are stored in cardboard or weak plastic,

As well as pet foods as Rats will search in garbage cans in search of food, and can be attracted to oils and other fats that have not been completely cleaned of surfaces or floors or appliances, the following is a list of foods that the mouse loves:

Cereals and seeds:
Rats and rats are attracted to grain storage boxes and sneak into your home in search of those delicious foods and therefore have to control their closures well.

the fruit:
Of all the foods consumed by Rats , the fruit is the best kind of granular, especially the berries, apples and pears, which act as magnet for Rats , especially rotted or dumped in the garbage cans not covered.

All rats love nuts from peanuts and walnuts to almonds and nuts and nuts are an attractive food for Rats , as they are from their high energy sources

The consumption of Rats varies with meat. Although they prefer seeds, grains and fruits, they eat meat if they have the opportunity. They eat all kinds of rotting fish, poultry and red meat, and find it from garbage containers or open foods. It should be clarified that mice do not look for meat In themselves, but eat it when they find it.

Garbage waste:
Trash is a gold mine for Rats , where they get an open buffet for all the foods they are looking for, especially bread, cheese, meat, and rotten fruits and vegetables.

Pet food:
If these foods are good enough for your dog or cat, they will be good enough for Rats that would be interested in eating anything that is fed by any other animal, including grains, seeds, hay, fish foods, etc.

Animal food products:
Rodents resort to taste and smell to test foods before eating, especially when they are hungry, so it passes on all foods, especially if the taste or smell strong enough.

the salt:
Salt is one of the largest foods attracting Rats and is consumed in large quantities when you find.

Best foods to catch RATS from your home:


Peanut Butter:
Many pest control experts say that mice prefer peanut butter for cheese because it has a strong smell that attracts it as it is sticky and it will be difficult for mice to steal it from the rat trap which will make them enter and will not be able to escape. Thus peanut butter can be placed in the rat trap to get rid of. Of which.

Organic Pet Food:
Pet food works well as a bait for mice because it contains many characteristics similar to the peanut butter characteristics. It also has an odor that attracts mice. It is also sticky and will therefore make the mouse enter the trap to remove it. This gives plenty of time to catch mice. Wet animal food will attract mice to the trap.

Dried fruits:
Dried fruit gives a strong odor that attracts mice to it. It also enjoys the sweetness of dried fruits and will be attracted to any of them if placed by a rat trap.

The meat has a strong and distinctive smell that attracts mice. There is an effective way to hunt them by meat, which is to tie a small piece of bacon to charcoal, which will prevent the mice from grabbing the meat quickly and escape.

Chocolate candies:
It is hard to resist the smell of chocolate candy even for mice who will rush to eat the chocolates and will not be able to escape.

In the end, after you know about the food that the mouse loves and how to use it as an attraction to catch the mouse in the trap, you can experiment with these foods in catching mice from your home. However, if your home or institution has more than one mouse, You are communicating with the Pest Control Company in your company.

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