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Small ants is a type of insect that belongs to the level of the wings, has six legs, and length up to two millimeters, and has an oval belly with a weak waist, and was their job to carry heavy weights for him and to help in the drilling, and contains an object of 80% Glass-like cells are fractured when exposed to pressure, accounting for 15% of vital life in tropical tropical rain-forests.

Small ants live in the form of groups, a colony component containing many members of Small ants, most of the workers who do a variety of things such as bringing food, and defend the colony against the enemies, and care for young ants, ants problem is troubling many, especially in the hot summer days, which take people all possible ways to eliminate Therefore, we will mention this in our article.

Benefits and damage of Small ants:

Small ants body consists of eight legs, a couple in each part of the three Small ants, and a skeletal skeleton that breaks fast when exposed to pressure is an animal belonging to social insects, living in a group and can not live alone, Nails with millions of individuals. These individuals function as one unit, and have been called the giant organism, representing 15 to 20% of the living organisms on earth, as it occupies a high proportion of the land area.

Benefits of Small ants:

  • An ant tablet stimulates blood circulation and increases the number of erythrocytes, leading to increased body activity and vitality.
  • Energetic neurons are activated in the brain. The skin becomes more resistant to bacteria and is more resistant to high temperatures.
  • An ant tablet causes blood clotting, making blood vessels more resistant to toxins.
  • The female ant pinch leads to the secretion of ionic saliva, which burns the fat in the pinched organ.
  • An ant tablet for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, allergies, reduces swelling, and relieves asthma.
  • Treats malaria and stroke. Contains more than fifty nutrients useful for healthy body.

damage of Small ants:

The Small ants direct several bites to the human body, causing minor anxiety due to the pain of the bite, as a result of exposure to chemicals caustic, such as: Formic acid or Hemline, which ants on the body after bite, leading to the emergence of severe symptoms and serious, such as itching, , Pain, swelling, but the bites of certain ant species may be serious in some cases, such as people with allergies, where symptoms can be more severe, and may turn to fatal symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or pulse speed, or difficulty speech, , Nausea, dizziness, vomiting or excessive swelling, which causes D human life.

Types of ant:

For ant 8800 type, some of these types:
Firefly: It is called tropical, living in high temperature areas, eating cockroaches and plant seeds.
Farmer: Lives in the tropics, eating from his own plantations.
White: attacks trees and plants, and feeds on cellulose.
Tailor: He lives in the forests of Africa, Southeast Asia, and Australia, and uses the silk threads he produces to build his nest.

10 easy ways to get rid of Small ants:

There are many ways that help to get rid of Small ants, and eliminate it permanently, including the following:

  • The use of insecticides of different types, such as spray , liquid, powder, but the disadvantages of this method are harmful to human health and safety, especially children.
  • Using soap and water, rinse the house continuously with soap and water or fill a bottle with soap and water and spray the Small ants with spray.
  • Mix a small amount of sugar with washing powder and water. We have a paste that attracts Small ants to think that it is food. Ants take them to the colony. The queen and the remaining individuals eat them. They die slowly in a period not exceeding two weeks.
  • Sprinkle coffee powder around the cracks and ant houses.
  • Rinse the house with dititol, especially where the Small ants are.
  • Fill holes in the house with pieces of soap and re-close whenever melted.
  • The use of kerosene in the process of cleaning the house once a week and maintain the ventilation of the house and the absence of children.
  • The use of aromatic oils, because ants hate the smells of strong and effervescent, as the oil of camphor, and spray it in the houses of ants and places where it spreads.
  • The resort to alcohol and sprayed at the whereabouts of Small ants.
  • Put an amount of sesame in a bowl near the whereabouts of the Small ants and leave it exposed; the sesame has a wonderful ability to neutralize the smell of smell in the ants.

Tips to be save from Small ants:

small ants
small ants
  • Wash dishes and soiled dishes regularly.
  • Clean kitchen facades with clean water.
  • Disposal of food wrappers, and other food archives.
  • Wash the house regularly with water and special detergents. Place leftover foods, especially sweets in sealed containers.
  • Get rid of garbage quickly and regularly.
  • Keep waste away from home as much as possible.
  • Plug gaps and openings in silicone doors and windows.

Pinch of the Ant:

An ant is one of the insects described as social, where Small ants live in groups, each group is called a colony, and a large number of Small ants live in this colony, and the example of its organized way of life and its great cooperation with each other, But in this article we will not talk about ants colonies and lessons learned how to organize their work and distribute their roles, but we will talk about our benefit on the other hand, which is likely to be exposed to any of us, what are the benefits of pin ants?

Benefits of an ant pinch:

An ant pinch increases your body’s vitality and activity by increasing the number of red blood cells in your body and thus activating your blood circulation.

Because the ant pinch causes you pain, then you have moved sensory signals from the area pinned to the sensory cells below the brain, making you feel and attention to the pinch, so the pinch has activated your neurons in your brain.

You may sometimes complain of several stings in the same place at the same time; that’s fine; it’s also a great benefit. The area that is pinched in your skin has the so-called “cystic fibrosis”; which means that your skin has become more resistant to bacteria than Before, in addition to increasing its ability to withstand the high temperatures, but the bite of the enzymes in more than one place; it leads to the occurrence of “blood clotting,” which means that the layer of your blood is characterized by a somewhat cruel than normal blood, It increases the resistance of blood vessels to toxins, which helps the liver to reduce the burden on the body rid of the For toxins.

The female ant is excreted in the region, which is pinched by ammonia. This saliva burns your fat in that area, thus achieving your goal indirectly.

It is no wonder that the ant was one of the insects that forbade the Prophet – peace be upon him – to kill her, as one of the Koran called the name of “ants”, the mediator in this little creature sees great wisdom in the creation of this format and organization, and so after knowing the importance of ants, Whether it is for the health aspect when it pushes us, or morally, which strengthens our values ​​of cooperation and serious work, we can not only in this place, praise God for the great creation and creative manufacture.

Use natural materials to get rid of Small ants:

There are many natural recipes that help to get rid of ants, and eliminate it permanently, including the following:

Aromatic oils:

Ants hate aromatherapy like aromatic oils, such as peppermint oil, cloves and cinnamon, just put 10 drops of oil in the sprayer and spray it on the entrances and corners, which enter the ants again and again until it disappears completely, and you can also use lemon instead of essential oils in the same way.

Water and soap:

You can use soap and water to get rid of ants by placing two tablespoons of liquid soap or shampoo on half a cup of water, and then spray it in the places where you see the ants, but make sure the place is wet to work effectively.


Draw a line in the ants’ path and place it with powder or chalk. Ants avoid walking through these lines.


Spices are the substances that are hated by ants, so you can use some spices, such as cinnamon, garlic, cloves, black pepper or coffee, to place them in places where the ants appear or mix them with water and spray them in their walks and any corners of the house and on the doorstep of the apartment.


Mix the amount of alcohol with a similar amount of water and water well, then sprinkle in all places, where ants appear and repeat this process more than once, until the ants disappear completely. So, we have provided you with the safest ways to get rid of ants. You can choose the easiest way for you according to the materials available in your kitchen.

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