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How to get rid of mice? Is there an effective way that can protect your home from the attack of these rodent, especially if you know that mice carry more than 20 types of diseases harmful to the human body

Many people are using harsher ways to these little rodents that can harm our lives because they think it’s better to kill mice than to leave them free.

The reason for this is that when you release them, they will return to their nest again and spread the disease. In order to get rid of mice you must be smart to detain and kill them In this article we will talk about the most famous ways that help you eliminate mice for good

Dealing with mice at home can be a difficult task because mice are active only in the evening and cause a lot of chaos and randomness in the house.

It can also contaminate the food we eat and cause us a lot of health we will help you with how to get rid of mice

Signs of a mouse and how to get rid of mice:

When you look at your ragged clothes despite being new and you see your furniture damaged one by one and you find that your garden is no longer suitable for cultivation you must make sure that a mouse or a large group of mice have infiltrated and caused all this then you have to get rid Of mice so as not to increase the size of the problem and you or a member of your family may suffer from the plague or one of the serious skin diseases transmitted by mice and start to follow some of the following steps in order to get rid of mice permanently

Members of your family must cooperate with each other to make a thorough examination of all items in the house and get rid of old items from a book, clothing or other belongings that are no longer usable besides the tools that caused mice to spoil them and throw them immediately in the trash because the mice find these things suitable for hiding and reproduction

When you have finished removing all the things you do not need to examine the rest of the things in the house again, but this time tried to organize and remove them from dust and insects and then put them in cardboard boxes with care to close them tightly so that the mice do not reach them and cause Destroying them is another

You can put the items in a high place that you cannot reach or move them to another house until you have finished getting rid of the mice completely.

This must be done in the early hours of the morning as the mice are active at night with the need to be careful to wear gloves in anticipation of finding places to hide the mice during the search trip

If you get rid of chaos it will be easier to identify the places of mice by following the steps of walking it usually leaves some small waste the size of a grain of rice in gray colour thus Here are the 14 most effective way to get rid of mice completely

Here are the 14 best ways to get rid of mice:


This method is effective in the elimination of mice where a small metal cage is used that is directly connected to the electricity , which causes mice electrocution as soon as they enter the cage

Water trap:

Water traps get rid of mice effectively as water flows quickly to the trap once it enters them, causing them to drown.

Rat poisons:

Some believe that the development of toxins for mice is a quick and immediate way to get rid of them and regardless of the importance of closing the house before the application of this method it may not solve the problem of mice because it may not kill all mice as the mice that die may not be found easily, causing the spread of Unpleasant smell in place as mice do not die will continue to multiply

There are different types of toxins that can be used

Promethaline :

destroys the nervous system and leads to convulsions and seizures that cause mouse death within 36 hours


 causes muscle cramps and then painful death through asphyxiation


 cause internal bleeding and it takes a few days for the mouse to eventually die from shock

Ethylene glycon :

which causes damage to different tissues and organs. All vital organs begin to fail one by one until the mouse eventually dies within 24 hours.

 Traditional rat traps:

There are many deadly traps, which proved to be the best in how to get rid of mice where the traps have a very sensitive and flat surface and when the mice pass by, they are attached to them and can not escape and traps are placed near the places where the mice are active

You can make the trap yourself through special lockable boxes and put traps in the place you want after you put a piece of food that attracts mice to the box and must adjust the cage correctly so that the wire mesh in the cage is not large enough to press the mouse through it

These locked boxes will catch mice at home safely and can be laid off from home if the homeowner does not want to kill them. Rats are cautious rodents and rarely approach new things, which is why this method is the least effective.

Deadly traps for mice:

These traps are effective in getting rid of mice, which is an effective method of ninety percent.

Place the trap by identifying rat droppings and poison baits are placed in those traps so that mice die once ingested the food, this make it easy to get rid of mice and release them away

Glue traps:

The glue traps work well in catching mice, but they don’t kill them right away, they just ensure that the mouse stays stuck in the trap sticker.

The effectiveness of this trap depends on the size of the mouse as the big mouse will stick in the adhesive parts of the limbs and may be able to escape from the trap The small mouse will hang and die painfully slow death

Natural Remedies:

There are a lot of methods that can be applied and will help you how to get rid of mice and we’ll talk about them below:

The domestic cat:

Some believe that a domestic cat is the only way to get rid of mice by placing cat litter in the holes where the mice are located.

Because the mice are afraid of cats, they will go away from your house and will never return


Ammonia has a strong smell that disturbs mice. Spraying ammonia into the holes and burrows where mice are

Human hair:

Human hair strangles mice where a group of hairs can be placed in the hole where mice are found to kill them at any given time.


Pepper is another effective treatment in getting rid of mice where it makes the mice unable to breathe because of the smell of permeability cause lung hypertrophy and cause them death and you can spray some pepper near the holes and places where the mice


Some onions can be placed near the mice to keep them away

Sharp sounds:

Sharp sounds near mice make the mice bleed and kill them, so you can place speakers and headphones near

Knowing how to eliminate mice is a must to know to help get rid of a limited number of mice

But if your home is full of mice, it is important to quickly consult an insect control company in your city because it is better able to deal with severe injuries that are difficult to control by individual methods

Nothing  is more disgusting than entering mice into your garden or moving it between purposes, so we have mentioned 14 ways to get rid of mice from your house

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