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Flying ants are not considered separate from the rest of the ants, but they are more than a variety of other ants. Winged species appear at the time of mating. However, there is a small amount of flying ants, which can often be ignored but it becomes a big problem when it invades the place in large quantities, then it must be eliminated and can kill the visible ants visible or get rid of the shelter that comes from it.


Get rid of Flying ants one by one:

The aerosol product can be used and there are different types of pesticides, which can be used to get rid of the various ants. The product that is used in the disposal of the ants must be from the house in order to be able to kill the ants during the partial flight, the aerosol product should be selected with a nozzle from te top to assist in steering, and before use, follow the instructions on the product. The product should not be directed at any person or animal in the house. Also, its use is allowed in the area.

It is possible to make natural sprays instead of poisonous pesticides. The natural sprayer consists of mint. Peppermint oil is able to get rid of flying ants by suffocation. The mint can be mixed in a bottle with a quantity of water and soap and it becomes a natural insecticide that can be used safely, A mixture of liquid soap and two tablespoons of water is mixed in an aerosol bottle. A few drops of concentrated mint oil are added and the bottle is then thoroughly shaken. This mixture is sprinkled on any ant that can be seen at home, whether it is sleeping or flying.

Flying ants
Flying ants

The soap dish is also an effective pesticide in the disposal of ants, it adheres to the body of the ants and drains them to die. In order to make a solution of liquid soap to get rid of ants and is used easily, put a quantity of liquid soap in a bottle and diluted by water, Or fill the bottle with water and put some of the liquid soap droplets to clean the dishes, and mix the solution well so that the distribution of soap in the water well and evenly, and then the solution is ready to spray and spray on the ants Flying or resident.

Attack of Flying ants shelter:

In order to eliminate the flying ants well must be followed when returning from the nest that comes from it, this nest is responsible for issuing them abroad, and in the beginning it must be known that the flying ants are the most active species of ants, in the sense that the flying ants It is a separate breed from the rest of the ants, when it is possible to have a shelter for the flying ants are mostly winged ants, and in the case if one wants to get rid of flying ants, it must also get rid of ants wingless, it is coming from the ants flying, Follow the ants while returning to the shelter and if no one can see the nest directly, at It is possible to counter the dune from which ants come directly. The ants can be collected by scattering the food on which the ants gather. The ants, whether winged or winged, can take food to the shelter.

A trap can be made of borac and sugar, since borac is more toxic to Flying ants. In the case of mixing any sweet taste with paper, the ants do not notice the poison and take it to the shelter. After the ants eat the borq and die the whole herd of ants, Of the boureq and sugar, with the addition of a little water for him to ease the dough and become a paste, after that the individual put the paste on a sheet of cardboard and placed in the place where the ants flying, this is attracted to ants and take him to his shelter, and must It is known that this paste begins to dry for several days, so more should be done if it is not able to Mia putty first to get rid of all ants.

The reason for the spread of ants at home:

Most of the time we notice the presence of ants crawling on the ground, but it is really annoying and the real shock when it releases the annoying buzz of these insects and spread swarms of ants in specific areas and produce as many of these annoying small insects, do you know why this insect in your home What do you do to avoid attacking this type of home pest? We will discuss with you in this article the most important reasons for the appearance of flying ants at home and how to eliminate them.

The scientists of the insect or flying ants are sexually mature insects where the queen produces many copies regularly fed by workers during the stages of the ants until they reach full maturity, and then the insect begins to re-cycle the life and the formation of a new colony of its own, and often Flying ants fly at the same time because of many factors, including bright sunshine, high humidity, low winds and warm temperate temperatures. In this climate, an insect is created at the right time for marriage.

After this process, the queen begins laying eggs in safe areas away from animals and predatory insects. Therefore, this insect will not be found better than the house to protect small larvae from any risks that may be attacked if left outdoors.

The method of elimination of flying ants

The method of elimination of flying ants Although the presence of flying ants is part of the elements of nature, but the proliferation of large amounts of significant, lead to the imbalance of the natural environment, and then must work to get rid of and eliminate it, and this is usually used a lot of traditional methods Including the use of pesticides or some types of toxins, but these methods cause a lot of damage to the residents of the house, and also a danger to their lives as well, and there are safe ways can be used with pesticides to get rid of flying ants permanently, It is safe and easy to use Money, including:

  • Put a small amount of soda bicarbonate in places where it is believed to be ant camps, place them collected, and place them between cracks and openings.
  • Place a quantity of crushed cinnamon on the places where the flying ants gather.
  • The use of water and soap to eliminate it, where two tablespoons of liquid soap is placed with half a glass of water, and well rolled and placed in the presence of ants, and prefer to apply this method for several days to get rid of ants completely.
  • Mix the amount of water and alcohol and place them in sprays, then spray them in the places of the flying ants, and repeat this process for several days until it completely disappears.
  • You can use a paste of burex, a spoon of sugar is placed with a spoon of powdered milk and a spoon of boric found in the pharmacy or at the Attar, and mix well, and then start to knead the addition of water gradually to form a soft paste, and form in the form of small balls, it is important to ensure that children are not exposed to this dough, because poric or burex is very toxic, and it is possible to put a little bit of boric material in the water and wipe the ground.
  • A quantity of sesame is placed in an open container close to where the ants gather, the ability of the sesame to disrupt its sense of smell, which is the main sense for collecting food, leading to its destruction.

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