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Flies are a common name for a wide range of insects classified as subspecies, spread all over the world, with more than one hundred and twenty thousand species, ranging in size between the length of one millimeter to seventy millimeters, and are many and varied , But the most common ones in cities and human dwellings are house flies. Because of the name of the parasite, which is a pair of wings, the only species of flies that are scientifically classified as real flies are those with only two wings, but it is common among people to name a number of other species of insects with four wings as flies, Examples are May Fly.

Biological characteristics:

The fly, like other insect species, has an object consisting of three basic parts: the head, the abdomen, and the chest. These objects have a free head, six legs, and large compound eyes consisting of thousands of small six-pointed lenses on either side of the head. They also have three additional small eyes on their foreheads. The fly parts of the mouth take the shape of a flexible hose that has the ability to bend in different directions. It has two forms: either it has a fluid absorbent head, which is made up of liquid organic matter that can be analyzed by drooling and breaking its composition from sugars or carbohydrates To simple substances), or a straight head (designed to penetrate the skin and absorb the blood of the victim), and often spread types of flies These are among the animals in the plantations and the like, among them the flies of the stables.

10 Ways to get rid of flies:

  • The trap of water and sugar : A fly trap can be prepared by pouring a concentrated corn syrup , or another solution containing a high percentage of sugars, and then placed on it a conical funnel, so that the flies enter it to chase the smell of sugar and then find itself stuck inside.
  • Fly traps : There are many traps in the market that attract flies when solved with some water by issuing a strong sweet smell, but it is designed in a special way to make insects trapped inside after trying to enter in search of food.
  • Alcohol : For some reason flies also hate the smell of alcohol, it is possible to use medical alcohol and scatter in some parts of the house to keep the flies away.
  • Fly paper : a cheap and available material, easily made from cardboard cardboard coated with sugar or sweet materials, but also covered with a layer of adhesives, so it works with a simple mechanical based on the capture of any insects trying to stand for food.

  • Mint or Basil : It is one of the most traditional methods among people. They put a small pinch of green mint or a few wild basil leaves in the bedroom because their sharp smell expels flies and mosquitoes from the place quickly and keeps them away from sleeping people in the room.
  • Vinegar : A little white vinegar, cider vinegar can be mixed in a glass of water. This mixture is a natural repellent for home flies in particular. This mixture can be coated on the body to keep the flies away.
  • Lemon and cloves : By slicing slices of fresh lemons and fixing cloves in them, they attract flies and kill them. 
  • Incense : can be done through home steaming full musk free or chewing it expels from the house flying insects, especially flies and mosquitoes.
  • Bacteria Like many other insects, flies are attracted to waves of light with low wavelengths, such as UV rays. They are attracted to these traps, which have special lamps that emit ultraviolet light, but once the insect enters it, Adhesive and unable to escape.
  • Electric rackets : Electric- charged rackets are a simple manual method to eliminate flies . Normally, a current of 1000 to 2500 volts flows through them, which can kill the fly as soon as it touches one of the rods.

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