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We have always heard about bed bugs and imagine a lot of pictures around it, sometimes we get up from bed to the same fear of these small insects! To get rid of this fear, we provide you with the most important information about bed bugs.

What is the bed bugs?

bed bugs Is a small insect do not have wings live and put eggs within the walls of houses and furniture, this insect lives by sucking the blood of living organisms, and is the best incubator for bed bugs.

Bed bug are up to 0.6 cm in size while their children are smaller in size but visible to the naked eye.

The name of the bed bug was called this insect because of its preference for living in homes, especially in bed, sofas and home linen. The spread of bed bugs has become a very common problem recently and many people suffer, that is, you are not alone.

Signs of bed bugs at house:

One of the most common signs of bed bug in your bed is signs of bites appearing on your body during sleep.

If you notice such red marks on your body, you should check the bed and make sure that these insects are present with it in order to get rid of them. Make sure the folds of the bed cover and bedding layers look for the insect and its eggs.

How does this insect feed?

bed bugs
bed bugs

The ideal time to feed the bed bugs is one hour before sunrise, but they may try to feed at any time during the day or night if they feel hungry, but prefer the night.

The bed bugs reach the body of the incubator by crawling it or climbing the wall across the room’s roof until you feel waves of heat to jump down on that body. It should be noted that bed bug are attracted to warm heat and the presence of carbon dioxide in the same human.

This insect makes holes in the skin of the host by using two tubes. The first injects the saliva containing the narcotic so that the person does not feel the pain, in addition to anticoagulant, the blood is easily withdrawn from the body. The second tube takes the blood. – Approximately 5 minutes.

After several minutes or hours, the person will sometimes notice these signs of bed bug. It should be noted that these insects feed almost every 5 – 10 days and may be able to survive without feeding for several months at times.

How does bed bugs reproduce?

Male bed bug are pierced by the hole of the female’s belly to deliver sperm to her, and the sperm then move through the female tissue to the eggs for vaccination. When fertilizing an egg, a female bedbug puts 5 eggs a day. These eggs take two weeks to hatch.

In your home a bed bugs?

You should be careful when buying any used home furniture, check it carefully to make sure there are no bed bugs on it, it is visible to the naked eye as mentioned earlier.

Bed bugs can move to your home through your neighbor’s wall or through a bird that may enter your home by chance! So you have to take care and always check the walls of the house and the furniture.

What happens if bed bugs bite you?

You will usually experience bed bug during your sleep but you will not feel them immediately, but over time you will notice signs of where this sting is located. In most cases, the person does not notice these stings as there are no symptoms, but some people may become tired and have nausea and may develop dermatitis.

These stings usually disappear after a week or two, but you should not rub the affected area. Doing so may cause dermatitis, and you should consult your doctor immediately if you notice that the symptoms are developing.

15 ways to get rid of bed bugs:

Clean the bed well: it is the favorite place for insect’s bugs, washing sheets and pillows, and all that surrounds the bed of carpets and other boiling water; where boiled water kills insects bugs.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the bed and its edges: clean every place where bugs can be found, then cover the bed and edges with a tight leather cover for about a year; to make sure all insects are eradicated, and their eggs are laid.

Covering the furniture feet with adhesive tape: When buying furniture, or renting a furnished apartment, fear the presence of the bugs, so that the adhesive face faces the outside, to stick insects instead of hiding inside the furniture.

Minimize the chaos inside the home: and cleaning it continuously, it reduces the chances of infection bed bugs.

Get rid of bed bugs eggs: using adhesive tape to get rid of eggs on the bed and furniture, then put the tape in a tightly sealed plastic bag, and get rid of it directly.

The use of Candida and disinfectants: by washing the floors with cleaning agents and disinfectants, which helps to eliminate the bed bugs, and take it out of hiding.

Clearing the cracks: When bed bugs are found in the house, the cracks must be covered with floors and walls immediately; insect insects will resort to these places and hide in them and lay their eggs inside.

Follow up ways of elimination of bed bugs:

Put luggage in the sun: Bags contaminated with insect bugs should be placed as a result of staying in the sun for several hours before entering the house, or exposing them to high temperature steam to kill insect bugs.

Use of the Bugs Trap: plastic cups placed under the feet of the bed; to prevent insects Bugs from climbing and falling on the legs, and these cups are located in the shops.

Dry dust: Dry dust can be used to eliminate bed bugs. This dust contains an aerobic gel and diatomaceous soil that helps to dry and kill bugs. It is also low risk for humans. This dust is widely used to control bed insects and is easily accessible. It is inexpensive, and you should look for products that are used internally and can access cracks and spaces, and should be applied along sofas, mattresses, inner panels and clothing.

High temperature: using a clothes dryer or high temperature, or plastic bags under the sun or a closed car.

Cold temperature: This method may be applied indoors in the refrigerator provided that the temperature is below zero and the bed bugs should be left at this low temperature for at least four days.

Steam Spray Center on Bugs: You may be able to get a simple machine capable of producing hot steam from electrical appliances stores, can also convert a simple electric kettle to a steam tool by connecting a flexible tube, this steam kills all bugs and eggs.

Suction vacuum cleaner: This method helps to suction a large number of bugs and eggs and non-spread, focusing on suction in narrow places and lines and small spaces and then unloading the contents in a suitable bag and tight closure and throwing.

Treat bed bugs bite:

bed bugs
bed bugs
  • Wear clothes covering the skin when sleeping; insect bugs are looking for exposed areas.
  • Put large amounts of Vaseline on exposed areas of the body before going to sleep.
  • Wash infected areas with warm water and soap; to reduce bacterial infection.
  • Place large amounts of calcium solution on affected areas to relieve itching and inflammation.
  • If itching persists and spreads in the body, you should go to a health center to get topical ointments for treatment.

3 signs of bed bugs at home:

There are various signs and indications of bed bugs in the home, they start slightly so that it is difficult to see them before the numbers increase, and show clear signs, and must be discovered carefully and carefully to be able to find, and these signals:

  1. Bugs can be seen on the edge of the bed or couch, etc. If the bugs are adult, and in large numbers, then they can only be observed. Bed bugs can be seen on bedding, pillows, under blankets and other places of presence. They look like very small dark beads, reddish-rusted, and sometimes the eggshells can be seen.
  2. Small red blood spots can also be observed on white or light covers, as they may leave a very small point of blood on the lid when fed.
  3. Some people find red marks on their skin. They are usually close together. There is not a single sign like a mosquito pin. They are often serialized on a single line. The person does not feel a bite. It is not painful but it can cause some people to feel allergic. With a feeling of skin irritation, and itching.

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