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Mosquitoes are very annoying insects to us, in the summer may exceed the inconvenience limit, and get to the degree that you want to do a lot to be able to get rid of this inconvenience, the inconvenience includes the tinnitus that keeps circling and circling around the ears, making us a headache from this tinnitus, Or start the process of continuing pursuit of him, in addition to the pill and that after you absorb what you need from our blood start we feel intense desire to itch until our bodies ulcers, and the third inconvenience that insect carrier disease.

And may be the main cause of many diseases that cause natural disasters for humans, so it may seem natural to try to understand some things about this insect, which has always caused us a lot of problems, and we are looking here for some secrets that may seem strange to us and do not know About this insect.

1) The most dangerous objects on earth:

If we want to enumerate the most dangerous organisms we encounter on the planet, we start counting either very large and destructive animals such as lion, elephant and shark, or we went to those insects that are most disgusting to us, but in fact, mosquitoes are the most organisms and insects on this simple cause of human and animal casualties , Has historically killed millions and millions of people for more than the cause of their deaths in all human disasters. Mosquitoes carry many diseases. Mosquitoes may carry many, many deadly diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis and dengue. The Diseases may be one of the most deadly diseases in humans.

2) Female mosquitoes only from stings:

Aziz is surprised by the reader if you know that the mention of mosquitoes does not approach the human even it is feeding on the nectar of flowers and roses, but the females are attacking the human and stab for the purposes of absorbing blood, and the reason for this simple is looking for protein and needed for the purposes of feeding eggs inside, So she is looking for a man, and usually it will not be season to mate eggs are the other go to the flower to enjoy its nectar.

3) human is not the only victim of mosquitoes:

Some people may think that humans are the victims of mosquitoes, but on the ground. In fact, many animals are the victims of certain species of mosquitoes, including the birds, including the amphibians, which may also be feared. Some diseases may be transmitted to humans, but in all cases, we are not the only victim of this terrifying creature, but we share the same suffering with many other creatures.

4) Mosquito Speed:

In the world of aviation, mosquitoes fly and travel between a mile and a mile and a half an hour. Is this fast ?, In fact, according to the human scale, when a person wants to walk, he interrupts in rapid walking about 2-3 miles. It is also a fast insecticide, but compared to other insects, mosquitoes are a slow insect and can not be compared with some fast insects such as flies.

Wing speed: You might be surprised to learn that the speed of mosquito wing movement is equivalent to 300-600 movement per second, yes per second, which is a huge number of movement, and this speed in motion is what explains the sound of the resulting whiz when flying this mosquitoes You hear it near you and get you a headache.

5) Love Letters Between Mosquitoes:

Yes, this paragraph is strange but it is true. Male mosquitoes try as much as they can to attract females, and scientists believe that this is done by sending a precision by the sound of the wing to the female he is impressed with, to hear it and approach it. We identify all kinds of mosquitoes and it is not connected to the type and challenge at the expense of the other, but it is very surprising to feel that there is a language of love when this annoying insect.

6) Mosquito Migration:

It is a well-established fact that mosquitoes are a domestic insect. They love to stay in places where they can live. They do not like to move elsewhere, but on the contrary, there is a kind of mosquitoes. They are mosquitoes. They are ready to fly and move 100 miles For the purpose of searching for the environment suitable for him to live, which is usually saltwater swamps.

7) All kinds of mosquitoes need water to hatch:

If the mosquito can lay its eggs, it is subjected to a spot of water, and it does not matter the size of this spot, it can put it in a few inches, be careful that the place is wet and there is water so that he can lay his eggs, even if it was a hole after the sky. This is why you want to get rid of mosquitoes, so you should watch the water around your house and get rid of it all the time.

8) Default mosquito life:


Without counting the number of slaps we make, which causes the age of this mosquitoes to grow in young people. The ages of mosquito larvae can be between five months and six months, a relatively long age compared to the ages of some other insects, which is not welcome at all in humans Which is trying hard to get rid of mosquitoes. This year, mosquitoes can cause a lot of pain for humans that no other animal or organism can do.

9) Mosquitoes are able to detect carbon dioxide from 75 feet:

We all know how carbon dioxide is a danger to humans as a result of inhalation, but scientists have discovered that mosquitoes can detect this gas from a distance of about 75 feet and thus recognize the next meal of this gas, it is known that the person inhales oxygen and comes out the second Carbon dioxide, which is what mosquitoes are looking for, attacks the source of this gas.

Mosquito food:

Males: The male feeds on the flower extract.

Female: Female feeds on blood, they absorb blood for their need to produce eggs and thus are responsible for the transmission of diseases and epidemics.

Mosquito life cycle:

A female pass through four distinct phases of her life:

  • The larva.
  • The cocoon.
  • the bird.

Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes:

  • Dengue disease and its symptoms.
  • St Louis’s brain inflammation.
  • Eastern encephalitis.
  • Dog Heart Worm.
  • Encephalitis virus.
  • Yellow fever.

favorite mosquito victims:

  • The high temperature of the body, where the high temperature is effective in urging the body to release more quantities of some substances that attract female mosquitoes.
  • White people prefer dark skinned people.
  • Female mosquitoes prefer female females to their males.
  • Female prefer to bite young people for adults.
  • Female mosquito prefers to bite pregnant women for other women.
  • Dark clothes, wearing dark clothes attracts a female mosquito.
  • The smell of cheese, the smell of cheese is considered to be the odors of mosquitoes.

General information about mosquitoes and its properties:

  • You have three wings on each side.
  • She has three hearts in her heart.
  • Within her mouth there are 48 years.
  • Its hose features six knives, each with its own function.
  • She possesses an anesthesia device to stitch her penis into the human body without feeling.

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