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Many of the housewives want to know the things that kick the mice, especially after seeing them on the kitchen floor. The mice are not only annoying rodents but also dangerous to health and to your home and should be eliminated immediately.

These small gray rodents are 2.5 to 3.5 inches long and can be found around the world and in many homes. They are the most common type of rodent in human-populated homes, which reproduce rapidly and adapt easily to anywhere.

Finding one small mouse in your home means that there are actually ten mice hiding inside the walls. No matter how many cartoons are trying to make the mouse nice, finding one in your home is never nice.

It may be dangerous for you and your family to invade the rats, where rodents can introduce insects such as lice, ticks and fleas in your home.

It also transmits a range of different diseases. These small lesions can also cause a lot of damage, whether from chewing insulation wires or panels in your home, and one mouse can cause a fire which puts your safety at risk. In this article we will talk about how to drive rats out of the house So continue with us.

Stuff that expels mice from home:


Almost all homeowners Feeling anxious when they finding mice at home. Whether the mouse is in the kitchen, the basement or the dining room, seeing it makes you feel surprised and scared. The mice can enter the building or house through the smallest hole or crack ,It requires very little space to pass through.

The mice find their way into your home through a small hole , looking for a warm shelter with easy access to food and water then they will settle in your house and look for food and build their own nest. No doubt you want to know how the rats sneak into your house and what are the best ways to get rid of them, and this is what we will recognize through the coming lines.

How do mice enter homes?

Mice enter houses through cracks and holes in the walls, floors and foundations. Homeowners usually do not recognize the holes in which the mouse enters until signs of mouse. The rats may also enter the house through gaps in windows or roofs as well as through sewer lines. Properly closed sewer pipes The mice may enter the houses through the drains, and they are also known to find their way into the inside through the holes that are found around the gas and furnace pipelines.

And as a result of low temperatures, mice tend to enter the house at the beginning of the autumn. And after entering the house and finding it safe and warm, they rarely risk going out again.then The rats can reproduce quickly and may exceed 200 in a Within months.

How to kick mice out of my house?


In order to kick mice out of your house and prevent them from entering your house you must take a set of important measures that will help you achieve your goal. Here are some simple tips to try to prevent mice from entering your home:

Keep your home clean:

A thorough home cleaning will clean the home of any remaining crumbs of food that may attract mice to your home and The use of peppermint oil to clean floors and surfaces will leave a strong natural odor that will expel mice.

And the food must be stored in sealed containers, If you have foods like grains, do not leave them in bags, but put them in closed cans so that mice can not Getting into the cabinets and feed on them.

Try ultrasonic units:

You can purchase electronic plugs emitting a whistling sound , Rodents hate those frequencies that are not audible to humans or cats and dogs and are usually sold in home care shops and you can change the frequency constantly to prevent mice from becoming resistant to sound.

use cinnamon sticks:

Cinnamon has a strong odor that expels mice so you can try to collect the cinnamon insides together and put them in drawers and lockers to create a natural repellent.

Buying a home cat:

The cat is a natural hunter so its presence inside the house can help scare mice away from your home
It is important to note that not every cat will become a natural predator. The nature of the cat living in the open air is different from the domestic cats that used to feed from the closet and that may be lazier.

Don’t leave household garbage too long:

The mice can smell the leftover food from a distance and will move to your home if you keep the garbage for a long time, so you should dispose of them periodically so that the rats are less likely to be in your home.

Use Mousetraps:

You can put leftover food or some nuts or butter inside the rat trap and leave them in the places where the rats are located or near them or in your garden where the food attracts rats to enter the trap and then you can eliminate them.

Get rid of mice with cucumbers:

The cucumber is considered to be toxic to many insects and rodents such as cockroaches, ants, rats and others , so the housewife should place the cucumber or its crust in the places where the rats are located, washing hands thoroughly before putting the cucumber, or wearing the gloves, because the rats smell the human hands in the cucumber.

Plastic bowl of water:

It is possible to place a plastic bowl in the cracks or areas where the mouse may be expected to pass then open it from the bottom so that it is horizontal and put a piece of cheese. In this case, the bottle will work as a trap for mice.

Fill all the gaps and cracks in the house:

The holes in your home are an open call for mice to enter through. You can close any holes even if they are small and if you have large holes you may need some cement or plaster to close them, always remember that the mouse can enter the area of from the very small hole so it must Be very precise.

If you find that your home is infected with more than one mouse, it is better to contact the pest control company because it will know the stuff that expels the rats and the company technicians know how to get rid of the mouse problem and will help you to implement the necessary procedures to keep them away from your home.

What are the risks of having mice at home?

The presence of mice in homes is one of the most deplorable things for all races and ages, but it causes many serious diseases throughout the ages. Therefore, there was always an urgent need to eliminate them at home after The methods mentioned in the article. To protect the people of the house.

Mice can cause infection like:

  • Cholera.
  • Fever of all kinds.
  • Transmission of diseases and bacteria.

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